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About Med-Aesthetics Botox Clinic Woodbridge & Vaughan

Dr. Mark Baily & his wife Karyn Baily are unique in that together they have created the only medical facility in North America devoted almost entirely to the use of Botox (both cosmetic and therapeutic) as well as Facial Fillers.
What separates them from much of their competition is the fact that they operate much like a “family owned boutique hotel offering concierge level of service”. That is to say, their entire philosophy is based on honesty and integrity rather than merely end of the day sales numbers. They are focused on the long term benefits of not just meeting, but exceeding your expectations. They are “in it for the long run”; unlike MedSpas where staff turn over, inconsistency and commission driven treatments are often the rule, not the exception. Unlike much of the industry and especially the entire MedSpa proliferation, they rely entirely on “word of mouth” and referrals from satisfied existing clients to attract new business as well as client retention. They are not commission driven and do not have managers and owners “breathing down their necks” to meet “the bottom line”, namely the monthly sales targets. The only people they ultimately have to answer and be accountable to are you, their clients. As such, they are not driven to sell unnecessary treatments to meet unrealistic quotas as is typical in the MedSpa industry. Not advertising results in saving thousands of dollars and they are thus able to pass the savings onto their clients. As such, their prices are significantly lower (between 20-40%) when compared to physicians with a comparable degree of expertise. It is not unusual for them to decline treating patients who cannot afford a treatment within their budget. They would prefer the patient return when their finances permit them a complete treatment that lasts, rather than perform an inferior and incomplete treatment just for the sake of taking whatever the patient can afford on any given day. This in itself is unusual for the industry where too often it is the daily financial statement that takes precedent over doing or not doing what is in the patient’s best interests.

Their mission statement says it all about them "EXPERTISE YOU CAN TRUST".

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Dr. Mark Baily Medical Director

Dr. Mark Baily has been recognized as one of the most highly regarded and well respected physicians in all of North America for over a decade in the field of Facial Fillers and Botox® for both Cosmetic (wrinkles) and Therapeutic (headache, pain, sweating) indications.

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Karyn M. Baily Clinic Director, Certified Injector

Karyn M. Baily has worked with Dr. Baily for over 12 years, initially as Director Of Patient Recruitment and Training Event Manager; and for the past 5 years as full Clinic Director, Certified Injector and Patient Care Coordinator.

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