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Cosmetic Facial Fillers At Botox Clinic Woodbridge & Vaughan

Dr. Mark Baily
Medical Director

Dr. Mark Baily has been recognized as one of the most highly regarded and well respected physicians in all of North America for almost two decades in the field of Facial Fillers and Botox® for both Cosmetic (wrinkles) and Therapeutic (headache, pain, sweating) indications. In addition, his “hands-on” training program (2002-2009) for physicians and nurses was acknowledged as the premier of it’s kind in North America, such that doctors came from aroud the world to attend. It was the only course in Canada full approved, and endorsed by the ACCME (American Council for Continuing Medical Education – Level Four) such that successful graduates received the highest degree of certification available in North America. He is one of only a handful of physicians who are considered to have expertise in the use of Botox® for Cosmetic treatments (wrinkles) as well as it’s Therapeutic indications such as Headache, back and neck pain, excessive sweating and jaw pain (TMJ).

A graduate of McGill University in Montreal(B.Sc. graduated with distinction, first class honors; M.D. 1969-1978), and the University of South Florida(1978-1981), Dr. Baily first incorporated the use of Botox® for headache and pain into his clinics (Headache Treatment Clinics, Toronto, Brampton and Vaughan), during the mid-nineties; and was soon honored by being asked to be a member of the North American Allergan Botox® Therapeutic Advisory Board. He had the pleasure of being trained by Dr. William Binder in Los Angeles, the first physician to realize the benefits of Botox® in the management of migraine. Shortly afterwards, he obtained his cosmetic training from Drs. Jean and Alastair Carruthers in Vancouver, B.C.; the world renowned and proudly Canadian physicians who initially discovered the use of Botox® for lines caused by facial expression.

Dr. Baily Botox® Clinic

Dr. Baily and his wife/partner Karyn M. Baily currently operate
Med-Aesthetics, the only clinic of its kind in Canada devoted entirely
to the multiple uses of Botox®.

Karyn M. Baily
Co-owner and Clinic Director, Advanced Certified Cosmetic/Therapeutic Injector, Affiliate Member of the AAAM (American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine) 

Karyn  M. Baily has worked with Dr. Mark Baily for almost 20 years, initially as Training Event Co-ordinator; and for the past 10 years as full time Clinic Director and Certified Injector.

With an extensive background in business and human relations, Karyn has been a huge asset to Dr. Baily’s practice and has been instrumental in his success and that of Med-Aesthetics.  Her vibrant personality and keen ability to assess and establish a rapport with patients; combined with her product knowledge, technical skills, artistic vision, and comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy have enabled her to exceed at her position at a level considered to be equal or superior to the very best and most experienced in the industry.

Prior to Med-Aesthetics,  Karyn had over 10 years of experience in the medical field, working with both in-patients and out-patients suffering from a variety of disorders including chronic pain, emotional and psychiatric; while at the same time successfully owning and operating her own businesses.  These years of experience in both the medical field and private sector enable her to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of both the “aesthetic” and “therapeutic” patient;  therefore establishing the most important factor – TRUST!

Working alongside one of the most experienced physicians in the industry for so many years has allowed Karyn to personally observe Dr. Baily evaluate, treat and follow thousands of patients such that she has incorporated his techniques and merge them with her own talents. This has resulted in Karyn being very highly regarded and respected within the industry, as well as by her patients.

In addition to her business, marketing and interpersonal skills,  Karyn has developed and perfected her facial assessment and injection skills.

She is responsible for all new patient consultations, both cosmetic (Botox)  and therapeutic (Botox for headache, neck and shoulder pain, TMJ, hyperhidrosis).

Her consultations are extremely comprehensive and informative; and are designed to both address the client’s concerns as well as exceeding their expectations. She accomplishes this in a manner that educates the client while exerting no pressure on them; as is typically the case with commission based Med-Spa managers.

Over the years Karyn has developed her own cohort of loyal clients who have been delighted with her consultations and treatments, and as such, have placed their trust in her and her expertise, requesting her specifically.

Karyn’s passion for her profession is exemplified in her enthusiasm, artistic vision and energy for creating individualized assessments, treatment options, and long term objectives that are realistic in terms of the patient’s  own goals and financial realities.

Karyn continues to participate on a regular basis in a variety of ongoing Continuing Medical Education Program(both didactic and hands-on) in order to be able to offer her patients the very best, most advanced, newest and safest procedures. She has been certified in the use of the “Advanced Cannula Technique” for Facial Fillers which significantly reduces the risks of unnecessary  bleeding, bruising, swelling and complications.

Karyn is an affiliate member of the prestigious American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and attends  their  yearly meetings, as well as those of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine; including the recent 20th World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine.

Karyn, in conjunction with Dr. Baily, offers physicians from all over the world training in both Cosmetic and Therapeutic Botox; and Facial Fillers; as well as marketing and practice management training for their staff. Karyn and Dr. Baily are now working with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine(AAAM), specifically with Founder and President, Dr. Michel DeLune, in lecturing and training physicians throughout the United States.

We are confident that following your treatment with Karyn, you will leave the office feeling that you have received outstanding value for both the time and money you have invested in realizing your cosmetic or therapeutic goals.

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