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Botox Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic Botox Treatment
What is Botox Cosmetic®?

Botox Cosmetic® is theregistered trademarked name that Allergan has given to its Botulinum Type A, which is a Health Canada and FDA approved drug.

The product is used to both minimize and prevent unwanted facial lines and wrinkles in the areas of concern. It is an extremely small, purified protein derived from a natural ingredient called Clostridium Botulinum.

Botox’s first cosmetic use was discovered serendipitously in 1987 by Dr. Jean Carruthers, a Vancouver pediatric ophthalmologist. Dr. Carruthers was injecting one of her patients for strabismus, more commonly known as lazy eye,when she noticed that the lines around the patient’s eyes were improved.

This ultimately led to its use in many other areas in the face and neck, for both improvement and prophylaxis of someof the undesirable effects of aging caused by overactive muscles of facial expression.

Will people know I have had injections? Will I look fake?

Most patients are interested in a natural and relaxed appearance. Dr. Baily and his partner Karyn strive to achieve this, in conjunction with your treatment goals and expectations. They accomplish this by performing a comprehensive consultation prior to your treatment, as well as explaining some of the product benefits that you may not be aware of.

Our treatment relaxes the muscles which contract, and thus helps to reduce or soften the wrinkling typically associated with negative expressions such as worry, fear, anger, stressed appearance, pain and fatigue. You will still be able to express yourself and to smile.

These treatments result in a more relaxed, well rested, and “fresher” appearance.

Is this a safe procedure?

Yes, this treatment is extremely safe. So much so that children with Cerebral Palsy as young as two years old are treated every three months to help with their spasticity in a dose that istypically over 10 times the amount you would typically be receiving.

However, it should be noted that Botox Cosmetic® is only safe when administered by a physician or a certified injector. Patients have a higher chance of complications or side effects when being overseen by an untrained professional. Choosing an expert who has acquired the proper credentials to use Botox Cosmetic® will insure your chances of a successful treatment.

Dr. Mark and Karyn Baily are extremely experienced in performing these treatments, and have successfully treated thousands of satisfied & appreciative specialists patients since 1999. They will review your expectations and will discuss any concerns you have during your consultation to ensure your aesthetic goals are not merely achieved, but exceeded.

How long does it take to work?

We ask patients to wait 14 days to see the full effect. Typically most patients begin to notice initial improvement between 4-6 days.

How is the procedure done and does it hurt?

Botulinum Type A is administered with a very tiny needle in the areas of concern – the same one that diabetics use to inject themselves with several times per day. It is described as a “small pinch,” and patients often comment on how comfortable and painless the procedure is.

How long does it last? Is it permanent?

Botox® is not permanent.

With appropriate dosing, our treatments generally last from 3-4 months with the first few visits. However, if you are diligent and strictly adhere to the recommended treatment schedule, you will likely be able to extend the treatment interval to 5-6 months, as well as potentially reducing the amount of product you require, thus lowering the cost.

Are there any side effects?

While Botox Cosmetic® is safe for certified professionals to administer, like any drug, there are potential side effects.

As is the case with any injection, there is a slight possibility of bruising at the point of entry. However, this can be easily covered by makeup. Other side effects include slight drooping of upper eyelids and, although uncommon, there is a chance that the botulinum in Botox may migrate to other parts of the body near the point of injection. A full list of side effects for Botox Cosmetic® can be found on Allergan’s official website.

If you experience any side effects after treatment, contact Dr. Baily’s office at your earliest convenience.

Is Botox Cosmetic® expensive?
Botox Cosmetic

The cost of Botox Cosmetic® varies between patients depending on many factors including age, sex, and number of previous treatments; as well as individual differences in muscle strength and anatomy between patients.

There is no substitute for a comprehensive assessment by a qualified injector in order to determine the amount you require for optimal results. Any exact quotes given over the phone by any professional should be in strict reference to the cost per unit of Botox Cosmetic®. It is impossible to provide an accurate assessment without observing the patient in person.

If you had your frown treated every four months for example, the yearly cost would be in the range of $900, assuming you would have 30 units of Botox Cosmetic® at $10 per unit, per treatment. This means your treatments would cost approximately $2.50 per day.

Do men get this procedure?

Yes, more and more men are using our product, although the typical dosing in men is 20-50% greater than that in women due to the strength of their muscles.

What areas is the product used for?

The most common areas are the vertical frown lines, referred to as the “angry lines” or “number eleven sign,” horizontal forehead lines(from raising your eyebrows), and “crow’s feet” around the eyes. Many people are not aware that our product can also be used for nasal “bunny lines,” marionette mouth lines, neck lines, downturned nose, witch’s (upturned) chin, jaw line contouring and as an eyebrow lift.

Who should administer Botox®?

Botox® should only be administered by someone with appropriate training and experience.

Remember, your face is the first thing someone sees when they look at you, as well as the first thing you see when you look into the mirror each morning. If you have a bad hair day, it is just that, a bad day. If you have a bad treatment, it can last months.

Dr. Mark and Karyn Baily are recognized by both Allergan and their peers as being highly trained and trusted in administration of Botulinum Type A, and follow all health and safety guidelines in reference to product use.

To learn more about our product and its various uses, contact us today to book a consultation!

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