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Botox Treatment More Than Just Skin Deep

Cosmetic Botox Treatments BramptonBotox treatment has long been beneficial as an age-defying wrinkle remover. As an injection, the treatment was introduced to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth. However, there are many benefits to Botox injection that actually have nothing to do with removing wrinkles.

Botox, short for “botulinum toxin,” in addition to offering the most effective means of cosmetic wrinkle treatment, has numerous therapeutic benefits as well. It is effective for calming painful muscle spasms brought on by such disorders as dystonia and arthritis. This relieves pain and tightness in the extremities, so those afflicted can lead a comfortable and happy life.

Botox can also relieve the crippling pain from migraines, when locally injected in the neck or shoulder areas. It eases symptoms by constricting peripheral neurotransmitters. This basically means it interferes with the pain processing systems which register migraine pain. This is also the guiding principle doctors see when using the injection to successfully treat neck, back and shoulder pain.

In addition to the many tension easing and pain relieving benefits Botox can offer, it is very effective in treating hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. There are few topical ways to curb excessive sweating, but Botox injections block neurological signals to the sweat glands, preventing perspiration in the first place, especially to the underarms. Talking to your doctor about Botox for hyperhidrosis can effectively prevent embarrassing sweat stains.

Originally introduced as an aging skin treatment, Botox has been discovered to offer many more benefits in recent years. Inhibiting neurological function, treatment essentially paralyzes muscle to inhibit contraction and spasm. This is fundamental to its tension easing and pain relieving principles.