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2017 Holiday Special


We are pleased to announce the following exciting specials which are available until December 31st; including Restylane Skin Boosters – a new procedure for treating fine lines (including lower face, lip and neck) which we are now offering at both locations.

1) Restylane Skin Boosters: 3 syringes in total (one very 4 weeks for 3 treatments)

Regular Price:  $700 X 3 = $2100.00

Holiday Special: $999.00 PLUS& $100.00 on-line rebate!!!

2) Belotero or Teosyal Facial Fillers:  (lips, cheeks, Marionettes, temples, brow lift, jaw contouring)

Buy 2 syringes at regular price of $700, receive 1 syringe at NO charge!!!

3) Spend over $1000 on any combination of Botox and filler and receive $150 off.

Even if you are not due for your Botox or filler treatment, you can still purchase for use at a later date.

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